The aims and objects of the Society are as follows:

  • To promote interest and impart knowledge regarding the preservation and conservation of all forms of Wildlife, particularly among the youth of the country.
  • To cooperate with the Govt. of India and State Govt. and with other Societies and institutions having similar aims and objects in working for the interest of Wildlife.
  • To assist in enforcing and actively supporting the Forests Acts. Wild Birds and animals Protections Acts and Rules etc. of State Governments and the Indian Arms Act and Rules in so far as they pertain to wildlife and to bring to the notice of the authorities any infringement of the same and to assist in the detention and prosecution of offenders in respect of such laws.
  • To advise and help the Govt. and wildlife administrators in the formation, maintenance and protection of Sanctuaries and National Parks, preservation of wildlife in general and endangered species of India in particular and in the introduction of exotic species into the country, rehabilitation of endangered species etc. and in the formulation and amendments of rules and acts, so as to conserve and increase wildlife stocks.
  • To raise funds for carrying out the above aims and objects and to found and maintain museums reading rooms and libraries of natural history in order to disseminate knowledge regarding wildlife.
  • To carry out publicity and propaganda for the preservation of wildlife in India by means of monographs, journals, films, filmstrips and other feasible methods.
  • To assist members of the Society in obtaining facilities for viewing and photographing wildlife in India.
  • To conduct research into the problem of Wildlife Management in India, and in pursuance of this, to initiate, encourage and, where possible assist in the projects of the study of threatened species and related objects and to provide reference and research facilities for such work.
  • To carry on such other activities which will serve the above subjects.